Orcas Island Pickleball Club

courts at Buck Park

Orcas Island Pickleball Club aims to grow the sport on the island. We think Pickleball is a highly accessible game that brings all types of people together for fun, exercise, and high-stakes pickling. The only public courts on the island can be found at buck park: 

Parking lot, 301-699 Mt Baker Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245

The club is working towards having a set of paddles and balls to be loaned out so new players can try a variety to help them figure out what they like best (coming soon).

People wishing to play at Buck Park should signup for https://playtimescheduler.com/ , a free scheduler that most groups use to organize their sessions. You will find a variety of sessions at a variety of skill levels throughout the day.

Note: This is not a reservation system, but it is a free resource that most find helpful, and it’s good etiquette to use.

Once you are signed up, be sure to mark your area as ‘San Juan County’ and not ‘Orcas Island’, as the ‘Orcas’ location is not populated with data.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and we’ll see you on the courts!
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