Orcas Island Pickleball Club

Your participation in the club is critical!

With the passage of our club bylaws at the June member meeting, we will immediately move into a board election. We are currently accepting candidacy declarations. To declare, please complete the form on the right.

There are four (4) seats up for election in 2024:
Seat 1: Michael Harlow (incumbent)
Seat 3: Linda Hamilton (incumbent)
Seat 5: (open seat)
Seat 6: (open seat)

You may declare for one of the open seats.
If we do not receive symmetrical nominations we may reach out to candidates to coordinate which seats are selected.

Please reach out to secretary Keith Light with any questions: 360.317.49ZeroOne.

We currently have 2 candidates.

The deadline for candidate declaration is Sunday, June 16th

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